5 tips to beat anxiety

By Casey Cheah, 2 September 2020

5 tips to beat anxiety

Do you feel like sometimes your chest is closing in on you? Do you get a knot in your stomach, or feel like your heart and mind are racing? Read below for 5 tips to beat anxiety.

Anxiety and stress

Anxiety is something so many of my clients struggle with. It can affect quality of sleep, create tension in the body, and worry and stress in the mind. The uncertainty of the world, the lack of knowing what is going to happen, and the inability to plan ahead can be extremely stressful. If you’re feeling this too, you’re not alone. Having something to look forward to is a big factor in maintaining a happy and positive outlook. If all we see ahead of us is doom and gloom, we just want to give up and our energy starts to suffer as a result.

Here are 5 tips to beat anxiety:

  1. Change your focus

What you focus on grows bigger! Choose to focus on the things that spark joy, the things that give you energy and make you feel better rather than worse! Have one thing every day to look forward to, like going for a walk in the sun, cooking a delicious meal, or chatting to a friend. Acknowledge the things that lift you up, talk about them with your friends, and start sharing the joy in your life. Make an effort to find something positive to talk about with your neighbours, friends, family and work colleagues every day.

  1. Find something to be grateful for every day

Gratitude can have a positive impact on the state of our mind and body. It’s easy to take things for granted, and I think that has been a lesson for so many of us this year! When restrictions hit, we suddenly realised all the things we can’t do anymore. Spend time every day being grateful for the things we do have. You might even like to bring a friend into this practice! Start texting each other 3 things you feel grateful for each day, and notice how your outlook on life changes.

  1. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is being fully present in the moment. Anxiety often hits when we are projecting our fears and worries into the future. But what we think may or may not happen. If anything, 2020 has also taught us that we never really know what’s going to happen! We can’t control our future, and the past is already done. All we really ever have is this present moment. So take some deep breaths, and remind yourself of where you are and what you are doing in this exact moment. If you focus too much on tomorrow, you will miss today!

  1. Deep breaths

Breathing is something we often take for granted! But without breath, we would not be here. Take the time to go outside and breathe in fresh air every day. By taking deep breaths we are sending fresh oxygen to our organs, our brain, our muscles, our cells – every part of our body. When we sit at our desks for too long, breathing tends to be short and shallow. Deep belly breaths changes our posture, brings awareness to our body, and calms the nervous system.

  1. Reiki healing!

Sometimes we just can’t manage on our own. Reiki healing is a beautiful, relaxing and rejuvenating practice that can really help to release tension and anxiety. I myself have been having more frequent distant Reiki healings done throughout this pandemic, and it is my favourite way of rebalancing my energy, clearing my head, and shifting my mindset. If you feel like whatever you are doing is not working, then it might be time to book in for a distant Reiki healing, and get the support you need.

Book in for a Distant Reiki healing

If you suffer from stress, worry, tension, or just don’t feel like yourself, try the 5 tips to beat anxiety above. If you would like to book in for a Distant Reiki healing, click here.

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