5 ways to build inner strength

By Casey Cheah, 21 April 2021

5 ways to build inner strength

Here are 5 ways you can build your inner strength to maintain your confidence and focus, even when things get hard.

What is inner strength?

Inner strength is having the confidence, and emotional and mental resilience to deal with life’s challenges as they arise. Unfortunately life is not straight forward and linear; there will always be curve balls thrown at us! Having inner strength can help get you through the tough times without falling in a heap. Here are 5 ways to build your inner strength:

1. Work on your physical strength

I’m a big believer in strong body = strong mind. It takes strength, power and discipline to build a strong body, and it doesn’t happen overnight. When building physical muscle, we actually create micro-tears in the muscle fibers. With rest, good nutrition and plenty of water, our muscles then repair themselves so they are more able to deal with the heavy weight next time. This is a perfect metaphor for life. With every life challenge, we create micro tears in our inner strength, so that next time we are more able to deal with what life has to throw at us.

2. Quieten your mind

Quietening your mind through meditation, journaling, walking in nature, Reiki, breathing, or simply sitting in stillness. The less crazy and anxious thoughts in our mind, the more we can listen to our intuition. We can make decisions based on our mind (rational thought), our heart (emotions) or based on our intuition (inner guidance system). The more we can quieten our mind and calm our emotions, the more we can make decisions based on what we intuitively know is right for us.

3. Stand in your power

As soon as you give your power away, you become a victim of your external circumstances. Once you feel like you have no choice, it’s a very slippery slope into anxiety and depression, especially when you are thrown a curve ball. Stand in your power, and remember that you are always able to choose your response to the situation. Be strong, take responsibility for your life, and you will feel far more empowered to take back control of tricky situations you might find yourself in.

4. Empowering rituals

Create empowering rituals that bring you into a positive and self-empowered state. I’m a big fan of a regular morning routine! Wake up at the same time every morning, exercise, meditate, and get yourself into a positive headspace for the day. There are many things we can’t control in life, but having a good morning routine can help us feel more in control, and build our inner strength.

5.  Stay humble

Humility and grace are the opposite of arrogance and ego-driven behaviours. Having inner strength and resilience definitely involves maintaining your confidence, self-esteem and setting strong boundaries, but it’s also about remaining humble. When we are humble, we remember that everyone is human. We have more compassion and understanding for people going through tough times. Life is constantly evolving and so are we! Life is a process and a journey, so let’s enjoy it as much as we can with humility and grace, and respect that everyone is on their own journey, just as we are.

If you need support with building up your inner strength and resilience, book in for a Reiki or Coaching session! Sometimes we all need a little coaching to give us the confidence we need to take back control of our life.

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