About last week…

By Casey Cheah, 6 September 2021

About last week…

About last week… the news of lockdown continuing on with no relief was a huge blow to all Victorians. With the announcement that Melbourne will likely be in lockdown for weeks ongoing until a percentage gets vaccinated (with no real end date actually confirmed) is frustrating, anxiety-inducing, and depressing. I’m seeing, feeling and hearing a LOT of anger in the community, and the collective energy is draining and exhausting.

For me personally, the emotions that arose this week were anger, frustration, and being fed up with the whole situation. Emotions are a normal part of being human, and there is absolutely no shame in feeling all of them! However, I started to feel like this negative energy was really dragging me down, and impacting my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. So I thought I’d share some tips and tricks that I used myself. These helped me to turn my mindset around, replenish my energy, and get me back into a vital, positive space again!

1. Meditate

When my head is full and foggy, something that helps me is to sit in stillness, and meditate by focusing on my breath. The purpose for me was to allow all the emotions and thoughts to come up, then breathe them out. It was taking the time to process my emotions that really made a huge difference! As a Reiki healer, I also spent time practicing self-Reiki (which you learn in Reiki Level 1, if you’re interested!). Self-Reiki practice is calming, centering, and immensely helpful in times of stress and frustration.

2. Book in for Distant Reiki

Luckily I have been having Distant Reiki sessions with my Reiki healer every Friday afternoon for a few weeks now. I usually have them on a fortnightly basis, however I’ve ramped them up during the lockdown period. The Distance Reiki healing I had on Friday made a HUGE difference to my mood, energy, sleep and overall vibration. I woke up on Saturday feeling amazing! I was singing and dancing around the living room, and even though it was wet and cold outside, I didn’t seem to mind. My business also had an influx of Distant Reiki clients book in! Having my work pick up was encouraging and motivating, and I can’t recommend booking in for Distant Reiki enough.

3. Exercise

Exercise shifts stagnant energy, brings more oxygen through the body, and boosts your mood! I made sure I did some strength training, went for a run, and got outside in the fresh air. I also made sure I kept up my yoga practice, which ALWAYS helps clear my head! It really doesn’t matter what you do, just moving your body will give you so many benefits. The hardest part is starting – but once you get going, it does becomes easier!

4. Pay it forward

Doing something nice for someone else is the best way to get yourself out of victim mode. The moment we shift into gratitude and a giving mindset, is the moment we move into love rather than fear. Paying it forward doesn’t have to be big – it can be simply smiling at a stranger (even with a mask on!), or paying for someone’s coffee. I had a chat to a friend this week who was going through a really hard time. It shifted my perspective, and I felt grateful, compassionate, kind and caring – all the things that help to bring more loving energy in.

If you are struggling, you’re not alone. I would encourage you to try my above tips to help shift you out of anger and frustration, into gratitude, kindness and love.

If you need support in any way, please don’t hesitate to book in for an online Coaching session or Distant Reiki healing with me.


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