Doing the inner work

27 June 2022 | Coaching

Doing the inner work is something that we don’t often do. Our energy is mostly projected outward, whether that’s towards […]

Just for today, let go of worry

23 June 2022 | Uncategorised

Just for today, let go of worry. The first of the Reiki Principles, this is a powerful intention and statement […]

Sound and Reiki healing!

12 June 2022 | Reiki

Sound healing and Reiki is one magical combination! Sound healing and Reiki are both forms of energetic transformation, and work […]

Self care is key!

23 May 2022 | Coaching, Reiki

Self care is key, but is often something that we tend to forego when things get busy, stressful, or we […]

How often should I have Reiki?

3 May 2022 | Reiki

‘How often should I have Reiki’ is a question I get asked all the time by clients and prospective clients. […]

Reiki connects you to your emotions

2 April 2022 | Reiki

Reiki connects you to your emotions, and helps you tune in more easily with your intuition. Have you ever felt […]

Energy healing to quieten your mind

12 March 2022 | Reiki

Energy healing to quieten your mind Many people struggle to quieten their mind. Overanalyzing thoughts and constant worry can lead […]

Feeling stuck?

22 February 2022 | Coaching, Reiki

Feeling Stuck Feeling stuck is a common feeling with my clients lately. Sometimes ‘feeling stuck’ can look like knowing what […]

Reiki for anxiety

13 February 2022 | Coaching, Reiki

Reiki for Anxiety Did you know, anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia? 1 in 3 women, […]

Having relationship problems?

31 January 2022 | Coaching, Reiki

Having relationship problems? So many of my clients right now are going through some fairly rocky relationship hurdles. The last […]

Raising awareness is key

17 January 2022 | Coaching

Raising awareness is key to living a happier and more contented life. Awareness is the state or quality of being […]

Happy New Year 2022!

4 January 2022 | Coaching, Reiki

Happy New Year! The start of a new year always feels new and fresh and full of possibilities. The year […]

Enjoy the journey to your goals!

25 November 2021 | Coaching

Enjoy the journey to your goals is something I think we all need to be reminded of at times! We […]

Reiki releases energy blockages

29 October 2021 | Reiki

Reiki releases energy blockages to help restore balance and harmony in your mind and body once more. What are energy […]

What is my purpose?

6 October 2021 | Coaching, Reiki

What is my purpose? I have many clients coming to see me feeling stuck in life, and wondering what their […]