Emotion is Energy in Motion

By Casey Cheah, 25 June 2019

Emotion is Energy in Motion

As human beings, we experience a whole range of emotions, from happiness, to anger, sadness, frustration, and many more. We all love to feel the ‘positive’ emotions – love, joy, excitement and gratitude. But when it comes to ‘negative’ emotions – grief, anger, anxiety, guilt, and resentment, our instinct is to avoid that feeling. We do this by repressing our emotions, blocking them out, or distracting ourselves to get rid of the discomfort. The problem is, emotion is energy in motion. As hard as we try, that energy has to go somewhere!

Emotion is Energy in Motion

The problem is, we can’t control these strong ‘negative’ emotions that we experience. The either resurface, or they can lock into our body and eventually manifest as mental or physical pain. It’s like when you get bitten by a mosquito. The bite or sting is uncomfortable, but if we scratch and try and get rid of it, it often makes it worse.

We are all made up of energy

The antidote then, is to first be aware of the energy behind the emotion that is arising. Emotions are simply Energy in Motion. We are all made up of energy, and energy can shift and change forms. Sometimes when we get a rush of energy (emotion), we try and resist it or control it. But it then disturbs and frustrates us even more! We need to sit still and calmly witness the swirling rush of energy around us. In time we will notice the energy will naturally dissipate and morph into something else. As soon as we get attached to the linguistic label such as ‘anger’ or ‘hurt’, we start to internalise the energy. When we give meaning to the emotion, our minds then take hold on this feeling. It’s much harder to let the energy go once we have identified with the the emotion and given it meaning.

Mastering the art of stillness

When we can master the art of stillness in amongst the chaos, we might notice other emotions may arise. Sitting still in a detached state from our emotions is like sitting in the eye of a storm. There is a sense of calm even while energy is swirling all around us.

I know this sounds easier said than done. It can be extremely tricky when you find yourself hurting and angry and feeling all the other emotions. One thing I know is that when you are in this state, don’t make any big changes or decisions! It is always much better to find stillness, and allow the energy to shift and move. When you are in a calmer state of mind, then you can make better decisions.

Reiki energy to release emotions

If you are experiencing strong ‘negative’ emotions and need help to release and let them go, you might like to try a Reiki and Intuitive Healing. Reiki after all is Universal Energy, and the beautiful flow of Reiki energy can help heal any emotional and energetic blockages in your mind and body.

I have personally had Reiki Healings in times of extreme stress and emotional turmoil and I can honestly say that when you are struggling and feel like you need some help, Reiki can be a lifeline. It can help to calm you down, ground you, and rebalance your mind, body and spirit, so that you can finally find some inner peace. Sessions with me can also involve learning strategies to help you find the eye of the storm. When you can start to witness the swirling energy in motion around you rather than being in amongst the chaos, you will feel more in balance.

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