Emotional triggers

By Casey Cheah, 16 January 2020

Emotional triggers

Emotional triggers can be key to our spiritual growth. I remember years ago I was chatting to a yoga student after teaching a class and she said to me ‘oh, you must practice yoga every day!’ The thing I so distinctly remember about this conversation was the feeling of resistance that I had. Internally, I felt almost defensive. Perhaps subconsciously I had a belief that was seemingly shared with this particular student; that as a yoga teacher, I should be practicing these asanas every day.

Triggering resistance

The most interesting thing about this interaction was not the students’ belief or opinion, or even the topic of conversation. It was the fact that this conversation triggered some resistance within me. That was insight into an inner state of dis-ease. I remember driving home and mulling over this conversation and consequent feeling of self-judgement. Now knowing more, I can recognise this emotional trigger as a gift. It showed me an area of my life or a belief I had that was keeping me constrained. I wasn’t yet free in my mind.

Emotional triggers and spiritual growth

That particular conversation was with a yoga student, but more often it’s our friends and family who push our buttons the most. These people are key to our spiritual growth. They present opportunities all the time for us to continue to learn and grow mentally and emotionally. We can really start to uncover the corners of our mind where we are holding onto resistance. When there is friction, even subtly, for an extended period of time, it can manifest physically, emotionally and mentally. The key to true freedom and contentment is the absence of restriction and limitation in our mind.

Freedom comes from releasing the emotional trigger

Have you ever done a workout and felt sore and tight the next day? Most trainers will tell you to roll out your muscles. To find the point of most resistance, and then sit in it, breathing into that space to try to relax to relieve the tension. It’s the same with resistance in your mind. When life presents circumstances that trigger you in some way, take the time to sit with the feeling. Ask yourself what is this really about? Usually its not about the other person, but more so about how you react or respond. Can you be with the situation, and stay at peace? When the things and people around you no longer have a hold on you mentally or emotionally, that’s when you start to experience true freedom and peace.

Let go of judgement

So often we are in a state of judgement – of others and of ourselves. But what if we are all doing the best we can with the resources we have at the time? Does that change the way you view things? Life is as difficult as you are restricted. Next time you notice your mind or body responding to someone or some situation, know that this is your opportunity to go deep. Let go of that restriction that is holding you back from mental peace and freedom. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything or everyone. Simply allow things to be as they are, without the need to manipulate or change them to the way you think things should be.

Release emotional triggers with Reiki

If this is something that you would like some assistance with, book in for a Reiki and Intuitive healing session here. In these sessions there is time and space for discussion about what it is that is holding you back; the problems you are experiencing and how to move through them. We will then move into a full Reiki healing, to help dissolve any energetic blocks that might be occurring in your mind and body. If this sounds like something that could help you, book in for a Reiki healing here.

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