Energy healing and the gut

By Casey Cheah, 11 September 2019

Energy healing and the gut

Have you ever been so sick, and not got any answers from doctors? Me too. And the way I healing was through energy healing.

Gut issues and no answers

Years ago I was very sick. I had gone to Indonesia and contracted a bug, which proceeded to wreak havoc in my gut and my overall health. The next 2.5 years was spent seeing doctor after doctor, having gastroscopies, colonoscopies, and other tests. Doctors hand-balled from one specialist to another, none of which could help me. I tried naturopaths, acupuncture, and practicing yoga (when I wasn’t lying in the foetal position with a hot water bottle). The results from allergy blood testing showed I was intolerant or sensitive to pretty much all food except white rice and broccoli. I lost heaps of weight, and thought I was going crazy. Everything and anything would set me off; I was angry, tired, emotional and pretty much horrible to be around! If this was my life, I honestly didn’t know how I would survive.

Energy healing was my lifeline

Then one night I was determined. I stayed up researching online until 3am and stumbled across a some energy healers that sparked my interest. Another 6 months later and I was back to normal health – it was incredible! One lady in particular worked what felt like magic on me. After 5 sessions I could eat bread again, and that was a miracle! I had been interested and exposed to energy healing from my late teens, but it was through this experience that really cemented my passion for energy work. Since then, I have studied yoga, life coaching, psychology, NLP, and of course Reiki.

Brain-gut connection

At the time, there wasn’t much research around the brain-gut connection. Now however, there are many studies showing a clear link between the two. We now know that gut health can influence our mental and emotional health, and vice versa. But what science often misses out is the energy body.

In the book ‘Gut’ by Giulia Enders, she talks about how stress is thought to be one of the most important stimuli linking the brain and gut. She explains when the brain senses a major problem, it naturally wants to solve it, and so it borrows energy from the gut. The gut is informed of the emergency via sympathetic nerve fibres. it adapts by reducing blood supply and slow downs or stops the digestion process. However this is not a long term solution – it is only meant for short term stressful events. Over time with chronic  stress, the gut is negatively affected as it continues to forgo energy in favour of the brain. As our gut health suffers, so too does our emotional and mental health.

Stress drains our energy

Dr Joe Dispenza in his book ‘You are the placebo’, explains how stress drains our energy. When our nervous system is in fight/flight mode, our body becomes ‘more matter and less energy’ in order to survive. In other words, we overuse the vital energy in our body by mobilising it for an emergency. All our attention is focused on responding to the external stressor. When we experience stress over a long period of time, our energy is constantly overused. Think of a battery-operated machine switched on high for an extended period of time. The lifespan of this machine will be much shorter than a machine that is turned on low, or has periods of being switched off so it can rest and reboot.

Healing through energy

Healing, whether it be gut-related issues or other problems, often need a total transformation of mind, body and energy. If we simply target only one or two, healing can occur but it might be at a slower pace. Sometimes, the issue won’t be resolved at all. If we can look at the body as a whole – physical matter plus energy, we can start to heal as an entire being.

My own transformational healing

I have had a number of transformational healings through energy work where doctors have not been able to help me. This is not to say doctors are not needed; they definitely are! However, if you have tried one avenue and it hasn’t worked, try something else. And if you haven’t experienced the magic of energy healing, I would highly recommend it. I personally have found it to be life changing, and it’s that same transformation that I hope to share with my clients in my Reiki practice.


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