Enjoy the journey to your goals!

By Casey Cheah, 25 November 2021

Enjoy the journey to your goals!

Enjoy the journey to your goals is something I think we all need to be reminded of at times! We have just been through a period of contraction of energy over the last 2 years in lockdown. As we come out into expansion once more, goals are being set, we are planning for the future, and it can be easy to forget the present moment.

The power is in the present moment

Goal setting is a great tool to help us think ahead. To begin with the end in mind, and have targets to aim for along the way can help guide us in the right direction. The problem is always focusing on the goal ahead, and forgetting where we are right now. The power is always in the present moment! If we can remind ourselves that the actions we take today are creating our future, then we can truly become powerful.

Our mind creates our emotions

Our mindset and perspective creates our emotional response, which then cascades into our behaviours and actions. When we place our happiness, success, feeling of contentment, or any other emotion onto something in our future, we are essentially giving away our power. Whenever we place our emotional or mental contentment on something or someone else outside of our control, we become a victim of that thing. Goals are never a guarantee, nor can we feel emotions in the future. We can only feel our feelings in the present moment, and are only ever in control of one thing – our Self.

Enjoy the journey!

The key to living a happy and content life is to enjoy the journey or process along the way! Reaching a goal might give us a momentary sense of satisfaction…until we move the goalposts yet again. There is always something else to strive for. If we place our happiness and contentment on a goal, and there is always another goal to reach, happiness and contentment are always on the horizon, beyond our grasp.

The key to living a great life

So the key to living a great life, one that you can feel happy and proud of at any moment in time, is to squeeze the most joy out of what it is you are doing right NOW in the present moment. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t reached that goal yet. That isn’t the point! Reaching goals won’t provide that happiness or success that you’re searching for, rather it is the state of your mind that creates the emotion.

You are the creator of your reality

If you wake up in the morning thinking that you haven’t yet reached that goal, you might create an emotion of frustration or stress or anxiety. That then creates actions such as hectic phone calls, endless to-do lists, working crazy hours, etc. However, if you wake up in the morning and find something to be grateful for in that moment, you create a different emotion. Perhaps you start to feel thankful, happy, and excited! Your actions will then look different – perhaps you might call someone to thank them for the work they’ve done. Or perhaps you might go to the gym to create even more positive energy. Your mindset is the key to happiness, not the goal.

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Enjoy the journey to your goals!

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Enjoy the journey to your goals is something I think we all need to be reminded of at times! We […]