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Reiki healing is generally deeply soothing and relaxing. You might feel energy moving through your body, and some clients feel warmth or tingling sensations. Many clients also fall asleep! When you are in a deep state of relaxation (such as when you’re asleep), the body heals faster, so it is actually a great thing if this happens!

Your Initial Reiki Healing is 90 minutes, to include a coaching discussion at the start to talk through how you’re feeling, your mindset and your energy. This is unique to Melbourne Reiki and Wellness, as our sessions are really a combination of life coaching and Reiki rolled into one.

You will then experience a full Reiki healing with the use of Crystals. I will Reiki your whole body, and do an intuitive read to see which areas there may be an energetic imbalance.

At the end of the session we will have a debrief, where you can share your experience of Reiki, and I can give you insight into what came up through your session. I will also give you guidance on where to go from here.

You will also get to take home your own special Crystal Chakra set, used in your Reiki session. You can also bring these crystals with you for any future Reiki healings with me.

Crystals interact with our body’s energy field, and are known to promote healing and balance. Crystals also amplify energy when used in energy healing. I use 7 crystals in the Initial Reiki healing that correlate with the 7 major chakra points in the body. I place the crystals on or around these chakras to amplify the Reiki healing in these areas.

At the end of the session, you can take this special Crystal Chakra set home to use as you like, whether that be in meditation, to keep on your body in stressful or challenging times, or to simply place on your desk as a way to stay calm and balanced. You can also bring these crystals in with you for any future Reiki healings to be used and recharged with Reiki energy again.

Absolutely. Reiki can do no harm, it can only assist your body to heal.

You may feel deeply relaxed and calm after a Reiki healing, or even a little tired while your body processes the healing. If you are going through an emotional crisis, or have underlying blockages or other issues, Reiki can cause those things that might be bubbling under the surface to come up so they can clear and heal. It is a good idea to drink lots of water before and after any energy healing, and to rest awhile after a session if possible.

Ideally you would have Reiki healings about a week apart to allow your body to process and absorb the benefits of each session.

I am located in Elwood, Victoria. You will receive the exact address upon booking.

YES, I do offer Distant Reiki healings sessions! These are great if you live far away, or you cannot travel for some reason. They are also great if you are unwell, and looking for a treatment you can receive from home. Distant Reiki healings are just as powerful distantly as in person. You can book in for a Distant Reiki healing here.

We would connect online first to have our initial coaching discussion.Then you would lie down somewhere comfortable (your couch or bed), while I send you Reiki distantly. Energy is not bound by time or space, which is why Reiki energy can be sent to anyone, anywhere at any time.

At the end of the session, we would reconnect online for a debrief where you can share what you felt through the session, and I can give you insight into what came up through your healing, and where to go from here.

Distant Reiki and Reiki in-person work exactly the same way, with the exception of human touch or contact. You can still experience the same sensations distantly as you would in person.

Reiki and Intuitive Healing sessions are based on healing through Reiki energy. At this time I do not offer mediumship or communication with spirits as part of these sessions.

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