Feeling lonely in isolation?

By Casey Cheah, 23 April 2020

Feeling lonely in isolation?

Feeling lonely in isolation without human contact? Me too. And we’re not alone. We as human beings are social creatures. Even the most introverted person needs human contact, to feel connected, and to feel like we belong. Humans need to feel like we are part of a pack.

We are social creatures

The need to be hugged, to feel loved, to be touched and to be close to someone is in our DNA. Sometimes we don’t realise just how much we need this human contact until we don’t have it, like now in isolation! And unfortunately while we are still locked down, its tricky to get these needs met. As much as social media and zoom and catching up online with friends can be helpful, it’s just not enough.

Physical touch is so important

For those of you whose primary love language is physical touch, this period in isolation can be even more stressful. Both on your mind, body and nervous system too. Gary Chapman, author of ‘The 5 Love Languages’, explains that there are 5 ways we give and receive love. These are physical touch, gifts, words of affirmation, quality time and acts of service. We all have a need for all 5, but there are usually one or two love languages that stand out to us. We can still give and receive most of these even while in isolation! However, physical touch is one we are restricted from right now, and therefore what many of us are craving the most.

Feeling lonely in isolation

We know in our minds that physical distancing is important to prevent the spread of COVID19 and to keep each other safe. However, at the same time, we ALL have a need for human contact, and some more than others. For those people whose primary love language is physical touch, the longer isolation goes on, the more excruciating this is. It may be why even though you’re catching up with friends and family online and talking on the phone call, it doesn’t quite meet the need to be held, touched, and loved in the way you receive love best.

Reach out and connect

Nothing will change the lack of physical touch until restrictions lift, but what might help is to talk to someone about how you’re feeling. Sometimes lack of touch combined with confusion as to why you’re feeling SO down and depressed can exacerbate the problem. It can  cause even more stress in your mind and body. When you can talk about your needs, feelings and frustrations with someone that understands, it can ease the burden and pressure. It can be hard to talk to friends and family as they might not understand (especially if their love language is not physical touch). Seeking help from a professional might be a better option for you.

Reiki can help

That’s why I’m here. I’ve built my business on being there for people so they can open up and talk freely about their feelings. I am here to listen without judgement, so you can talk without shame for feeling the way you do. There is understanding of the need to express your emotions, and this is the space to do just that.

A session with me involves being able to talk through your worries, concerns, fears and frustrations. Then we will have a beautiful Reiki healing in which you get to relax and enjoy some guilt free time out. At the end, you can share your experience and how you felt through the Reiki healing. You will feel more calm, less anxious, and more at peace.

Feeling lonely in isolation? Reiki can help

To book an appointment or find out more, click here. I would love to help you ease some of the burden that isolation and COVID 19 is having on you.

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