From pain to power

By Casey Cheah, 13 July 2019

From pain to power

Moving from pain to power can be challenging, but staying in pain or fear is far worse! Fear is an emotional state that we all experience at one time or another. Whenever we step outside our comfort zone, we experience fear.

When I bought my investment property a few years ago, putting in my offer induced lots of fear and anxiety! It was an entirely new experience. I didn’t know what to expect, it was a large amount of money, and I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. Again I experienced fear when I started renovating the property. I had never renovated a property to that extent before, and I was entirely outside my comfort zone! I remember the nervousness in my gut, and the anxiousness I felt when talking to trades.

Level 1 fears

Fear can be broken down into 3 levels. Level 1 fears are surface level, such as children leaving home, loss of financial security, changing careers, ending or beginning a relationship. Usually level 1 fears are situation-oriented.

Level 2 fears

Level 2 fears involve the ego and are more to do with the inner state of our mind. Things like fear of success or fear of failure, being vulnerable, or being rejected. These fears reflect your sense of self and are more generalised fear.

Level 3 fears

Finally Level 3 fear is the biggest fear of all. This is the fear that ‘I can’t handle it.’ We hold onto this fear when we feel we are losing control of something or someone. However, the truth is we only ever have control over ourselves. The one thing you can do to diminish this fear is to develop more trust and belief in yourself! You CAN handle whatever it is that comes your way, and you HAVE handled everything in your life up so far.

From pain to power

The truth is that we will all continue to experience fear as long as we keep growing and expanding outside our comfort zone. Often, the best way to get rid of fear is to go out there and do the thing that you are afraid of. Pushing through your fear can be less painful than staying stuck in the cycle of being afraid.

If we hold onto fear long enough, that emotion can manifest in our physical body. We will then start to see our outer world reflecting the inner state of our mind. If we are in fear, all we will see and experience are things that confirm our state of fear. But if we can transform our fear into power, our life truly does change. We start to move from paralysis, depression and helplessness to choice, excitement and action. We really step into ourselves, build up our confidence and mindset. This in turn will reflect differently in the way we experience the world.

My own experience moving from pain to power

Last year I was stuck in a cycle of fear and pain. I had been through an experience that was totally the opposite of what I had wanted to happen. I was sad, angry, and fearful. These emotions lodged themselves in my body and I was also in physical pain. Again, at the start of this year, I had more experiences that caused fear and angst, and again these emotions lodged themselves in my physical body. It was only through a combination of Reiki, counseling, journaling, reading and uncovering all of these fears, that I started to shift myself from pain into power.

I can talk about these fears and the immense transformation that Reiki can have on uncovering the emotional blockages in the mind and body, as I have experienced these shifts myself. And I can say that once I shifted out of pain and into power, and decided that I could handle whatever it was that comes my way, my life began to transform. Of course this is an ongoing process as we will always continue to grow and expand, but understanding the process and discovering the transformational effects of shifting from pain into power has helped me enormously.

Want to know more?

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