Happy New Year 2022!

By Casey Cheah, 4 January 2022

Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year! The start of a new year always feels new and fresh and full of possibilities. The year ahead is like a blank canvas, from which we can create the next year of our lives.


The last two years have been intense on a global scale, and the personal impacts have been immense. In order to move forward, it can be beneficial to first reflect on the past, to think about what you’ve learnt, what you would like to take with you into the new year, and what you want to leave behind.

As tempting as it is to ‘just put the past behind you and move on’, it’s not always as simple as that. Sometimes in order to move forward we need to reflect, understand and forgive. We need to acknowledge the reality of what has happened, and consciously release that which we are holding onto.

Forgive to move forward

Only once we have forgiven and released the emotions and energy we were holding onto, we can start to visualise our future with ease and a new positive energy. One lesson that came up again and again over the last two years is learning the necessary skill of letting go of control. The moment we realise that the only thing we can control is ourselves, there is a huge release! We no longer have to worry about anyone else, and simply work on being the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Rest and release

Over the Christmas and new year holidays, I got sick. I was run down, exhausted, and ended up with a bad chest infection (still recovering now!). The rest that my body forced me to take was clearly needed, but I have to admit it wasn’t easy! I felt all the emotions – the anger at getting sick on my long awaited holidays, the frustration at cancelling yet more plans, and the misery of actually being sick and feeling awful.

However, there were many benefits too. I was able to actually rest. I read a LOT of books! I spent time on my own reflecting and thinking and meditating. I released my pent up emotions.

‘Mastery of Love’ for the New Year 2022

As this is the start of the new year I thought it fitting to share an excerpt from one of my all-time favourite books ‘Mastery of Love’ by Don Miguel Ruiz:

‘There are people who say, “I want to change, I really want to change. There is no reason for me to be so poor. I am intelligent. I deserve to live a good life, to earn much more money than I earn.” … Then what do these people do? They go and turn the television on and spend hours and hours watching it.

Once we have awareness, we have a choice. If we could have that awareness all the time, we could change our routines, change our reactions, and change our entire life. Once we have awareness, we recover free will.

Becoming aware is about being responsible for our own life. You are not responsible for what is happening in the world. You are responsible for yourself.

Now…forgive others by knowing that whatever anyone did to you, had nothing to do with you. Forgive them not because they deserve to be forgiven, but because you don’t want to suffer and hurt yourself every time you remember what they did. You must also forgive yourself. Forgiveness is for your own mental healing. Forgiveness is an act of self-love.

The real mission you have in life is to make yourself happy, and in order to be happy, you have to look at what you believe, the way you judge yourself…and be honest about your happiness.

There are a million ways to express your happiness, but there is only one way to really be happy, and that is to love. You cannot be happy if you don’t love yourself. You cannot share what you don’t have. If you do not love yourself, you cannot love anyone else either.

Love coming out of you is the only way to be happy. Unconditional love for yourself [where] you no longer resist life. You no longer reject yourself. You no longer carry all that blame and guilt. You just accept who you are, and accept everyone else the way they are. You have the right to love, to smile, to be happy, to share your love, and to not be afraid to receive it also. That is the healing: the truth, forgiveness, and self-love.’

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Here’s to a Happy New Year ahead!

Casey x

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