Is busy a good thing?

By Casey Cheah, 13 February 2020

Is busy a good thing?

‘‘Crazy-busy’ is a great armour; it’s a great way for numbing. What a lot of us do is that we stay so busy and so out in front of our life that the truth of how we’re feeling can’t catch up with us’ – Brene Brown. So is being busy a good thing?

Busy can be painful

So many of my Reiki clients come to me with physical symptoms; headaches, tension, back pain, the list goes on. They are looking for help to ‘fix’ their physical pain so they can feel better and move on with their life. The problem is that physical symptoms and pain don’t just randomly occur. Unless you have been in an accident or something specific has happened, most of the time your physical body is a product of your mindset and your lifestyle.

Is busy a good thing?

In our society, when we get asked the question ‘how are you’, so often we respond, ‘I’m good, crazy-busy!’. We see being busy as a sign of success, however I think we often get confused as to what success really is. We have a tendency to do so much, just because we feel we should.  But are we actually making a significant difference in our lives or are we just creating distractions from dealing with the stuff that really matters?

Doing vs being

When we get busy, we spend a lot of time doing rather than being. We create a lot of stress in our minds and bodies, and end up tense, tight, frustrated and resentful. Being busy day after day, month after month, is not sustainable, nor is it enjoyable! I’ve had times in my life where I’ve been ‘crazy-busy’. But all I’ve been doing is running around doing a lot of things that in the end, don’t really matter. On top of that I’ve been run down, sick, and tired with no energy. When we do get sick or our bodies create some physical pain, that’s our body’s way of telling us we need to slow down or stop, and start dealing with what is happening at the root of the matter.

Being busy is a good distraction

I have Reiki clients who are crazy-busy – but being busy is a way of coping or distracting them from depression or anxiety. Some Reiki clients say they are ‘successful’ – thriving businesses, great families and friends, lots of money and a great life. But they are in pain, stressed and now experiencing migraines, brain fog and panic attacks. I would ask them, is that really how you would define success? Western society mostly looks to the external world to define success and being busy is often a big part of that definition. Work hard, to become successful! But success really starts on the inside. True success is contentment, peace of mind, and the ability to live your life from a place of love rather than a place of fear.

Why are you so busy?

When you find yourself running around so busy all the time, take a moment and press pause. Stop and reflect on why it is that you are so ‘busy’? What are you actually running away from? Maybe it’s the grief from your father passing away. Or maybe it’s the anxiety you feel every night before you go to bed. Possible it’s the feelings of worthlessness or fear of not being good enough. These emotions can be hard to dive into, and we know that so we distract ourselves. But I promise once you uncover the feelings underneath and finally deal with whatever surfaces, you will feel so much better and more at ease. You’ll be able to move forward in your life without this undercurrent of fear. And best of all once you clear up the emotions underneath the distraction, your physical symptoms will likely heal too.

Need help to shift priorities?

If you need help in diving in deep, book in for a Reiki healing and coaching session here. I can help you to uncover those underlying emotions, clear your mind, and put your body at ease.

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