Let go of worry

By Casey Cheah, 5 June 2019

Let go of worry

Just for today, let go of worry, so you can feel lighter and more joyful in your experience of the world. Worry is an emotion that we all feel from time to time. No emotion is necessarily a bad thing; they all serve a purpose. However, when we hold onto emotions for too long, they can locked in our body and manifest into physical pain.

Just for today, let go of worry

One of the 5 Reiki Principles is ‘just for today, let go of worry’. If you are someone who tends to worry a lot, this is a beautiful Reiki principle that you can use in your daily life to try to reduce some of the stress and tension that worrying can cause. I love this principle as it relieves the pressure, and focuses our attention on the present moment. This can make it feel a little more manageable, especially if you are going through a challenging situation and are feeling overwhelmed.

Worry stems from fear

Worry is en emotion that essentially stems from Fear. Elizabeth Kubler Ross (renowned psychiatrist and author) says there are only 2 primary emotions: Love and Fear. All positive emotions such as happiness, joy and gratitude come from love. All negative emotions such as anger, worry, guilt, anxiety, stem from fear. Fear and Love are opposites. When we feel fear, we can’t feel love. And when we’re in a state of love, we cannot feel fear. By digging a little deeper into the emotion of worry, we will find it usually comes from a deeper sense of fear or anxiousness about something in our future that hasn’t yet happened.

Live in the present moment

Reiki (and yoga) teaches us to live in the present moment. Anytime you start to worry, take 3 deep breaths and remind yourself of where you are, right at that moment in time. It can help to look around you and name a few objects and their colour. For example, when I start to worry, I take a deep breath, look around and say to myself: ‘grey chair, yellow highlighter, blue mug’, etc. This simple exercise helps to bring me back into the present moment. It takes me out of the worry that is going around and around in my mind.

Let go of worry with a Reiki healing

If you are finding it too difficult to let go of worry, perhaps a Reiki session could help. Reiki rebalances both mind and body, enabling you to start to relax and let go of the fear that is causing these emotions to build up. During a Reiki and Intuitive Healing session with me, you will experience a beautiful Reiki healing. In addition, I will also assist you to move past those mental and emotional blocks through coaching, meditation, breath-work and visualisation.

If this resonates with you, don’t hesitate to book your Reiki healing here.

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