Melbourne Reiki and Wellness
By Casey Cheah,
 17 August 2020
Melbourne Reiki and Wellness

Have you been thinking about trying Reiki, but not sure where to begin? Wondering what the difference is between one Reiki therapist and another, and how to choose which Reiki healer to see? Welcome to Melbourne Reiki and Wellness.

Every Reiki healer is different

Just like every other profession, every Reiki healer will be a little different. There are so many factors involved, such as specific Reiki lineage and training, previous experience, and the human factor. Even with the same Reiki training, each healer will still have their unique differences. So how do you choose the best one for you?

Every body is unique

You might prefer to go off a referral from a friend or family member, and that is often a great idea. You can hear directly from another client about their experience, what they felt and what they got out the session. But you also need to keep in mind that each session will be a little different. Everyone responds to Reiki in their own way.

Reiki with Melbourne Reiki and Wellness

Another way to choose which Reiki healer is the best for you is to do your research. Find out a little more about what each healer can offer you specifically. In a Reiki and Intuitive Healing session with me, you will get a combination of life coaching and Reiki healing rolled into one. This is different to what most other Reiki therapists offer. To start the session I will first have a chat with you to find out more about you, how your body is feeling and your energy. Usually there will be a specific reason you are wanting to try Reiki, and I will make sure I understand what that is. I also will find out what you would like to get out of the session.

Healing is holistic

In my sessions, I work not only with Reiki and energy, but I also work with you on your mindset. This allows me to get a deeper understanding of the root cause of how things in your body or your life have come about. Healing is holistic, and if we can heal all aspects of the mind, body and spirit, we can make significant changes in our life.

Do your research

If you are not sure if a particular Reiki healer is right for you, it can also be helpful to call and have an initial chat first. Often you can tell if a person is right for you through the feeling you get or the vibe from that person over the phone. In my case, I also post a lot of content on social media, and I have several videos on YouTube. You can get a greater sense of who I am through these channels. I also have a long list of testimonials from clients who have enjoyed Reiki healing sessions with me.

Melbourne Reiki and Wellness

If you have decided you would like to try Reiki, I am offering Distant Reiki healing sessions online. We would connect first online for an initial chat, then you would lie down somewhere comfortable and I would send you Reiki distantly. At the end, we would reconnect online for a debrief. You can share your experience, and I will give you insight into what came up, and guidance on where to go from there.

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