Raising awareness is key

By Casey Cheah, 17 January 2022

Raising awareness is key

Raising awareness is key to living a happier and more contented life. Awareness is the state or quality of being aware – having greater perception, knowledge, and consciousness of both the state you’re in and the people and world around you.

Raising awareness in communication

For example, having awareness of the language you’re using can increase the quality of your communication with others. On the flip side, having awareness of the language and intention that other people use and feel when they communicate with you can give you the ability to rise above any inflammatory or hurtful remarks (whether intentional or unintentional).

Listening over talking

I coach people through all manner of things (relationships, careers, stagnation, trauma, emotional disconnection, spiritual coaching, etc). The biggest tell for me as a coach is listening carefully to my client’s language. The words and the energy behind the words gives me insight into their underlying beliefs, values, feelings and emotions.

Ask more questions

In both my professional and personal experiences with coaching, the biggest difference between a new coach and a high quality coach, is their ability to listen and ask questions. Asking questions opens the door to awareness, and allows a client to explore their beliefs and thoughts bubbling under the surface. Telling a client what they’re feeling, what they should do, or giving them advice is a sign of limited coaching training.

Giving advice?

Over the Christmas break I read Will Smith’s book ‘Will’. This particular paragraph resonated strongly with me:

‘The thing I’ve learned over the years about advice is that no one can accurately predict the future, but we all think we can. So advice at its best is one person’s limited perspective of the infinite possibilities before you. People’s advice is based on their fears, their experiences, their prejudices, and at the end of the day, their advice is just that: it’s theirs, not yours’ (p. 99).

Awareness in relationships

This applies not just to coach/client relationships, but also friendships, partnerships, parent/child, and any other type of relationship! Asking questions, rather than giving advice, is a sign of high quality communication and respect. Rather than talking over someone or just blurting out your opinions and judgement, it’s far more empowering and respectful to ask high quality questions and be open to listening instead.

Book in for Coaching today!

If you are in need of someone to listen, ask high quality questions, and help you uncover your limiting beliefs that are holding you back, book in for a Coaching session today. Coaching can help you dissolve your blocks, and encourage you to open your mind to unlimited possibilities.

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