Reclaim your personal power

By Casey Cheah, 23 March 2021

Reclaim your personal power

Many of my Reiki clients come to me seeking help with confidence, self-esteem, and reclaiming their personal power. When we are standing in our power, we are self-empowered. We feel strong, confident and know who we are and where we’re going. When we are dis-empowered, we become a victim of our external circumstances or other people.

Giving away your power

It can be very easy to slip into victim mode. It can be as easy as blaming the things or people around us for making us ‘feel’ a certain way. For example, Bob made me feel embarrassed, or the work deadline made me stressed. By putting our power outside of ourselves, we wash our hands of responsibility. It might seem easier in the short term, however by not taking responsibility we slowly start to slide into a victim mindset. This can lead very quickly into anxiety, depression, negative self-talk and self-judgement.

Reclaim your personal power

When we take full responsibility for our actions and our life, we begin to stand fully in our power, and live life on our terms! Instead of blaming other people for ‘making’ us feel a certain way, we understand that we have the power to change how we feel. If someone says something hurtful, yes that can invoke an emotional response. But instead of blaming that person and holding onto the emotion, we instead let it go. Then we can change our focus to something that will bring us back into a more positive state.

How Reiki can help

Reiki is an incredible energy that helps bring us back into homeostasis or balance. It helps to boost our energy if we are depleted. It also dissolve energy blocks, which are really just emotions that we haven’t been able to let go of. Emotions are energy-in-motion, and if we don’t release them, we tend to store the emotion in our body to process later. If we don’t process that emotion, it can then manifest into physical, mental or emotional problems down the track. Reiki helps to release emotional blockages, and bring about a sense of peace, calm and clarity.

Book in for Reiki healing

If you are finding yourself becoming a victim of your external situation, reach out for support. If you are perhaps placing too much power in someone else’s hands, book in for a Reiki healing. You will more easily be able to reclaim your personal power, and start to live life on your terms. It makes for a much more enjoyable experience!

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