Reiki and Crystals

By Casey Cheah, 26 January 2021

Reiki and Crystals

Reiki and crystals are often used together in harmony to bring about healing. I always use crystals in my Reiki treatments in person, and these crystals can be taken home by my clients. Clients can then use them in their meditations, yoga practice, or simply to hold when they need a little extra boost!

Why use crystals?

Crystals amplify energy, and add an extra element to assist healing. Crystals hold a specific vibration that interacts with our energy field. I use 7 crystals that match with each of the 7 chakra points in the body. When my clients lie down on the table, I place each of the crystals on or around their chakra points, then channel Reiki to both the crystal and client at the same time. Reiki energy cleanses the crystal, activates it, and amplifies the energy healing

What are the healing benefits of crystals?

Crystals are energy, just as we are and everything else around us. There are many different crystals in various shapes, colours and forms, each with their own individual healing properties. Crystals promote the flow of positive energy through the body. They also help to calm the mind, and get rid of negative or unwanted energy.

Reiki and crystals

In my Reiki sessions, I use 7 crystals specifically that correlate with each of the chakra points. Each of these special crystals has been specifically chosen with their individual healing properties in mind. Sometimes clients don’t resonate with crystals and that is perfectly okay too. Reiki will still work without crystals, as Reiki is immensely powerful just on it’s own! Crystals simply add an extra layer into the session. Clients who are open to crystals often use them at home, and like report back feelings of greater calm and reassurance when using them.

Book in for a Reiki healing

If you are interested in Reiki and wondering how a Reiki session works using these special stones, book in here. The best part is that you can also bring your crystals back in for future Reiki sessions to be used again!

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