Reiki and grief

By Casey Cheah, 25 September 2019

Reiki and grief

I remember when my mum passed away, a number of years ago now. It wasn’t the first time I had experienced death in the family, but it was certainly the most emotional and heart-wrenching. It’s actually quite difficult to describe in words the grief, the overwhelming sadness and how surreal it felt at the time. I didn’t have Reiki to help with grief then, but I did have yoga, and I’m forever grateful for the connection and healing it gave me.

Reiki and grief

I’ve had a few questions recently about how Reiki can help with grief. Reiki, like yoga, is a spiritual and energetic practice, and can help to heal your mind, body and soul. When we go through traumatic events such as a death, a break up, or any other big change in your life, we experience grief. Grief can have a huge impact on our mental, emotional and physical health. When we are grieving, we often experience symptoms like brain fog, confusion and forgetfulness. We might go through a rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs, fatigue, and loss of motivation. And we might also experience physical symptoms like headaches, aches and pains, digestive problems, colds and more. When we are grieving and trying to navigate our way through loss, our bodies are put under a lot of stress. Stress can then manifest in a multitude of ways.

Grief and stress

When we’re stressed, our bodies are in fight, flight or freeze mode. Our sympathetic nervous system (our stress-response) uses up a lot of energy, just to function day to day. When we’re using so much energy, our body can quickly become depleted and out of balance. As soon as our energy is deficient or imbalanced, our body starts to break down. That’s when we start to experience some of the above-mentioned symptoms.

Reiki restores balance through grief

Reiki is a subtle but powerful energy healing practice. It can bring you back into balance and help you reduce stress and tension in your body and mind. Through Reiki healing, your mind is allowed to relax while your body’s natural healing process is activated. It can help to bring balance and harmony back into your life, but also help to improve your quality of sleep. Reiki can also help to reduce pain, calm digestion, improve circulation and enhance your body’s innate ability to heal.

Reiki as a spiritual practice

Through Reiki, you can also find a deeper connection to yourself. Often when we’re grieving, especially with the death of a loved one, we look to spirituality to help guide us through this difficult time. Reiki encourages you to become more deeply connected to both yourself and the greater Universe. Through this connection, we learn to release and eventually let go.

If you are grieving or going through a loss or change, book in for a Reiki healing here.

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