Reiki connects you to your emotions

By Casey Cheah, 2 April 2022

Reiki connects you to your emotions

Reiki connects you to your emotions, and helps you tune in more easily with your intuition. Have you ever felt out of touch with your inner feelings? Has your partner or friend ever asked ‘how do you feel?’, and you just don’t know how to answer? There are many reasons why you may be feeling disconnected. The good news is that many of my clients have experienced great success with Reiki healing, in reconnecting and being able to tune in with their emotions once more.

Why do you become disconnected?

There are many reasons you might feel disconnected with your emotions, most commonly going through trauma, or a significant, highly stressful event that has caused you to experience a ton of emotions. When we go through something stressful to the extreme, or we go through a series of highly stressful experiences, our body cannot cope with the avalanche of emotions and hormones that it is producing as a result. In order to cope and survive, your body may then repress those emotions or store them in areas of your body for later processing.

Repressed emotions = energy blockages

If we don’t learn to go back and release those stored or repressed emotions, they can cause blockages in our energy body. These blockages can then get in the way of you being in touch with your emotions and feelings. In addition, although your mind might not remember everything it went through in a highly stressful event, your body will absolutely remember how it felt during that event. It will do anything it can to avoid feeling that same way again, and so it will create a block between your mind and emotional body, trying to protect you from the pain it remembers from previous events.

Disconnection can be a learned behaviour

There are other reasons why you may not feel connected to your emotions too. If you have grown up in a family environment with parents who were also not in touch with their emotions (for various reasons), you might not have been allowed to express yourself, or shown how to experience your emotions in a healthy way. This can then create a learned behaviour to ignore, suppress or deny your emotions and feelings. As a child, if you continued to practice this behaviour (in order to please your parents, mirror them, or because that was the ‘right’ thing to do in your family), as an adult, you may find it very difficult to relearn how to connect to your inner feelings.

Reiki connects you to your emotions

Through Reiki healing, we can start to release stored emotions and energetic blockages, allowing your energy to flow with more ease once more. Emotions are Energy-in-Motion. When your energy is flowing, it will be far easier to feel and intuit again. If you think of a river, it is always safer to drink from a flowing river stream, than stagnant water in a river bed. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for disease, and so it is the same in your body. Stagnation of energy is a breeding ground for dis-ease, disharmony, and disconnection. With Reiki, you can start to flow up your energy channels and energy centres, allowing you to flow with life once more.

Reiki helps you tune inwards

Just as Reiki helps release energy and emotional blockages, Reiki can also help you to tune back in with your inner Self. If you are someone who has learned over the years to repress your emotions to please your parents, teachers, or for some other reason, it is still possible to reconnect again! Reiki healing treatments clear the mind, open up your energy centres, and bring you back to your most authentic self once more. Reiki healing sessions can totally transform the way you think, your perception of life, and the way you feel about yourself.

Book in for a Reiki healing treatment today

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