Reiki for burnout

By Casey Cheah, 19 June 2019

Reiki for burnout

Burnout is something that many of us, myself included, have experienced before. When we experience stress for a long period of time, it affects all areas of our life. Eventually we may experience a mental breakdown and hit total burnout. Burnout is ‘the state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands’. The good news is that Reiki can help burnout.

When I experienced burnout

A number of years ago, I experienced burnout myself. At this particular time, I was teaching yoga and barre full time, and training competitively for latin dance competitions. I was training until late most nights of the week and weekends, then up extremely early in the mornings teaching an insane number of classes each week to pay for the dancing and interstate travel. It was both physically and mentally exhausting. My body was breaking down, I had numerous injuries and I felt constantly under stress and pressure. Needless to say after the last dance comp at the end of the year, I had a mental breakdown. I was completely burnt out, and desperately needed to make some changes.

Look after yourself

The following year I took a break from dancing, cut back on my classes, and my body and mind started to slowly heal. I stopped rushing from studio to studio, and I actually gave my body time to rest. I made time to eat dinner at a normal hour, and most importantly got plenty of sleep each night. It really made the world of difference!

Reiki for burnout

These days, I am very aware of the state of my body and mind. As soon as I start to feel stressed or under pressure, my body is very quick to let me know. And that’s the first sign that I need to up my self-care. As a Reiki healer and yoga teacher, I spend a lot of time and energy giving to others. I’ve learnt that it’s vital to create down time for myself, to rebalance and reboot my own energy levels. And of course, I make the time to have my own Reiki sessions and yoga practice. If I’m not giving back to myself, and filling up my own cup first, then I know I can’t possibly give my best to my clients and students.

For me, having Reiki sessions is an imperative part of my self-care. It allows me to rest, rejuvenate and revitalize on a deep energetic level. After a Reiki healing, I always feel more calm, more grounded, and able to move forward in my life with more ease. It is absolutely the best thing I can do for my body and mind.

If you are feeling stressed or are experiencing burnout, and would like to book in for a rejuvenating Reiki session, please contact me here for an appointment. Please know you don’t have to go through this on your own – there are always ways to receive help to resolve the mental and physical stress you are experiencing.

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