Reiki for stress and anxiety

By Casey Cheah, 29 May 2019

Reiki for stress and anxiety

Are you going through an anxious or stressful time? Perhaps a relationship break up, a friendship break down, or family stress? Whatever the situation is, Reiki can have an incredibly healing effect on your mind and body. The effects of Reiki can be so helpful for reducing anxiety and stress.

Impacts of emotional stress and anxiety

Emotional stress is extremely common, and its effects can wreak havoc on our entire being. It can affect our sleep, we might experience mood swings, and changes in our eating habits. It can affect our memory and concentration, we might feel tired or burnt out, and our energy is pretty low. When emotional stress or anxiety continue to persist, they can lead to mental health problems such as depression and panic attacks. In addition, stress can also cause physical problems such as lower immunity, increased risk of getting sick, and more aches and pains in your body.

How Reiki works

Whenever I’ve experienced emotional stress, I have found Reiki to be incredibly healing and soothing. Reiki works on our energetic body. It helps to release energy blockages so we can come back into balance. ‘Rei’ refers to a higher intelligence, and ‘Ki’ is universal energy. When our energy is blocked or out of balance due to stress, it manifests in our mind and body causing pain and suffering. Reiki rebalances our energy, allowing us to feel more centered, calm and grounded. It is deeply relaxing, and often you will walk out of a Reiki session feeling like you’re floating on a cloud. The effects can be truly incredible.

How Reiki helped me reduce stress and anxiety

If you are suffering, I would encourage you to give Reiki for anxiety and stress relief a try. Even after one session you can start to experience the many benefits of Reiki. These benefits include better sleep, reduced tension, a clearer mind and even less physical pain. My own experience has shown me that when I have been in extreme emotional stress, a few sessions of Reiki can make a world of difference. I can honestly say the effects are truly remarkable.

If this has resonated with you and you would like to book a Reiki healing for stress and anxiety relief, click here.

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