Reiki healing and crystals

By Casey Cheah, 20 September 2021

Reiki healing and crystals

Combining Reiki healing and crystals is not something every Reiki practitioner will do. However, when you come in for a Reiki healing session with me, I not only use crystals during the Reiki session, but you also get to take the crystals home with you!

Why do you use crystals during Reiki?

Crystals amplify energy, and they also hold their own unique energetic frequency. The crystals I use during a Reiki healing treatment match with the vibration of each chakra energy centre. We have 7 major chakras in the body, and so I use 7 different crystals – one for each chakra point. It is a beautiful addition to the Reiki treatment, as the crystals also assist with energy healing.

How do I use the crystals at home?

One of the best ways to use your crystals at home is through meditation. During your Reiki healing with me, I will always explain which crystals to use at the end of the session, depending on what has come up during your Reiki treatment. Simply by holding these crystals between your hands in prayer position, and spending some time in quiet meditation, you can access the healing energy of your crystals. These crystals will also hold Reiki energy too, which can give you an added boost!

You can also put your crystals in your pocket and carry them with you during the day. You might like to place your crystals under your pillow at night to help you sleep or heal a particular symptom, or you could place your crystals on your desk while at work. Even just having your crystals around you will help lift your energy.

Which crystals should I use?

This will depend on what has come up during your Reiki healing treatment. Usually I will recommend 3 to 4 crystals to work with in between sessions. Each different crystal can be used in particular ways. For example, the red jasper stone (for root chakra) is great to place in your hip pocket during the day, or even at night to help ground your energy as you sleep. The amethyst crystal is great to use in meditation, or again to place under your pillow at night to assist with quality of sleep. The blue sodalite stone is great to hold onto if you are having challenging conversations or meetings – anytime there is communication. If you are not sure however, you can simply trust your intuition, and pick whichever stone is calling out to you, to hold onto, or use in meditation or yoga practice.

Do crystals really work?

I honestly believe they do! Anytime I meditate with crystals, I always feel a tangible pulsating energy and heat coming from the stones. Sometimes I place a stone under my pillow at night and have an amazing sleep, and I often set an intention before bed. In the morning, the symptom or problem I was experiencing often disappears. I have also had amazing feedback from clients from using the crystals. However, just like anything, if you don’t believe in the power of the stones, or they simply don’t resonate with you, that is ok too! You don’t have to use them if they are not your thing. There is no judgement, and I wouldn’t try and change your mind. You have to want to use them, and believe in them, for them to truly work (and for you to notice the changes as they arise!).

There is a lot of research and information around the power of belief, intention setting, and energy healing. All I can say is, try it for yourself, keep an open mind, and see what results. You might find they are magic after all!

Book in for a Reiki healing (with crystals!)

I use crystals with all Reiki healings in person. Currently due to lockdown, I’m only offering Distant Reiki, HOWEVER it is looking like I’ll be able to see clients in person again from 26th October 2021! If you would like to book in, you can do so here.


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