Reiki healing for stress

By Casey Cheah, 19 May 2021

Reiki healing for stress

Many of my clients come to me for a Reiki healing for stress relief. Stress is a common experience, and can affect our mind, body and our energy levels.

The effects of stress

If ongoing, stress can have detrimental effects on all aspects of our life. Short-term stress is not necessarily bad – sometime stress can give us a boost of energy, or motivate us to reach a particular goal. However, when stress is continuous with no relief, it drains our vital essence and we become more susceptible to burnout, illness, and dis-ease.

Reiki healing for stress

Reiki energy healing can help to reduce stress, overwhelm and anxiety. When we are stressed, it’s like we have holes in our body and our vital energy is slowly draining out. The more holes we have, the easier it is to get triggered and lash out in anger rather than respond in a kind and appropriate way.  Here are 5 ways Reiki healing treatments can reduce stress:

1. Reiki clears your mind

Taking the time to lie down and relax, and absorb the effects of a Reiki energy healing calms the mind and allows your thoughts to settle. When we have too much going on in our head, we can’t think clearly or make good decisions. Reiki gives your mind a rest. Once you are relaxed and calm, you can make better decisions with a clear head.

2. Calms your nervous system

When you are stressed, you are in your sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight response). Your vision is narrow, you don’t have capacity to think about others, and you are purely focused on your own survival. Reiki helps to shift you back into your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest response). Once you are more relaxed, life’s challenges don’t seem quite so overwhelming.

3. Reduce worry and anxiety

Reiki sessions can reduce worry and anxiety by calming your thoughts, and connecting you back to your body. When we are stuck in our mind, our thoughts take over and we feel disconnected. Reiki energy healings bring back the mind-body connection, so you can more easily tap into your intuition. Reiki helps to reduce worry and anxiety, and reminds you that the Universe is listening and supporting you every day.

4. Improves your quality of sleep

Often our sleep is negatively affected when we are stressed and anxious. Maybe you can’t fall asleep, or you might keep waking up during the night. Perhaps you might wake up super early worrying about all the things on your to-do list. Reiki healing treatments can improve your quality of sleep by relaxing your body, and clearing your mind. When you are more relaxed, you will have better quality sleep.

5. Reiki brings you into the present moment

Reiki connects you more deeply to your inner Self. When we are too outwardly focused on the things going on around us, it can take us out of the present moment. Stress and worry tend to mean we are too focused on the future. Reiki healing treatments can remind you of where you are NOW, in the present moment. Reiki encourages us to take things one moment at a time, and not to overwhelm our mind with too many thoughts of the past or future.

Energy healing at Melbourne Reiki and Wellness

When you come in for a Reiki healing in Melbourne Reiki & Wellness, we will begin with a short coaching session. We will talk through how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking. Then you’ll have a full Reiki healing, with the use of crystals to amplify energy. This is an extremely relaxing experience, where you can let go of your thoughts and be fully in the present moment. At the end, we will debrief on how you’re feeling and what you experienced. Then you’ll be guided on your next steps in your healing journey. If you would like to book in for a Reiki healing treatment, click here.

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