Reiki helps with sleep

By Casey Cheah, 18 October 2019

Reiki helps with sleep

So many of my clients lately have been experiencing poor sleep. Without enough good quality sleep, we can feel anxious, tired, emotional and grumpy. Poor sleep affects both our body and mind, and can have serious detrimental affects on our health and wellbeing. The good news is that Reiki helps with sleep.

Causes of lack of sleep

Poor sleep quality or lack of sleep can be caused by physical or external factors such as physical pain, some medications, hormonal disruptions, eating too much before bed, drinking alcohol or caffeine, too much screen time late at night, shift work, and jetlag. Other times, poor sleep is caused by mental/emotional factors such as anxiety, depression, worry, and stress. And sometimes, it is a combination of many factors together.

Reiki helps with sleep

Can Reiki help produce better sleep quality and encourage us to get more rest? The short answer is, yes! Reiki helps with sleep. Reiki works holistically and energetically, and can have a positive effect on both our body and mind. When our body is out of alignment energetically, we feel out of balance and it can cause mental, emotional and physical pain. Reiki works fundamentally with the energy body. If our energy is blocked and not able to flow freely, our sleep will also be affected. Reiki can help to dissolve blockages in your body, which will then allow your energy to flow more freely. Once our energy is able to flow without restriction, our mind and body will start to heal. We essentially remove the obstacles that are creating pain, and give our mind and body space to get better naturally.

Reiki helps us to de-stress naturally

When our headspace and body are feeling better, chances are we also won’t want to continue engaging in some of the external activities we might use to distract ourselves from the internal worry and stress we might be experiencing. If we’re stressed, often we might try and change our state through alcohol, caffeine, watching TV, or eating sugary or processed foods. When we are feeling more grounded and calm, our body and mind will no longer crave the distraction and we have a better chance of getting a good night’s sleep.

If you are having trouble sleeping, and are interested in giving Reiki a go, you can book in for a Reiki healing here.

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