Reiki opens your heart

By Casey Cheah, 12 April 2021

Reiki opens your heart

Reiki opens your heart by raising your vibration, and boosting your energy! Reiki is a heart-centered practice. You can really notice the feelings of openness and gratitude after a Reiki healing!

Low energy = fear based emotions

Everyone and everything is energy. Whenever we are low in energy, the vibration that we send out into the Universe is of a lower frequency. Lower frequency energy correlates to fear based feelings, or what we more commonly call ‘negative’ emotions. Sadness, anger, frustration, shame, resentment, guilt and other ‘negative’ emotions all come from a vibration of fear. If our life is based in fear, we are really in survival mode, otherwise known as the fight/flight response. We tend to react rather than respond. We are more defensive, rather than open, and we are focused on surviving, rather than thriving in our life!

Reiki raises your vibration!

When we receive Reiki, it can also dissolve any emotional or energetic blockages we are holding onto. When we boost our energy, we start to raise our vibration. We can then more easily access the ‘positive’ human emotions that come from love, the opposite of fear. ‘Positive’ emotions like happiness, joy, compassion, and gratitude can only be accessed when our energy is in a higher state. Reiki is one way we can help ourselves to access these more positive energetic emotions.

Reiki opens your heart

After a Reiki healing, clients often say they feel light and open! They feel more peaceful, and the stress and tension they may have been feeling before tends to dissipate. The feeling they are left with after Reiki is one of compassion, peace and gratitude. It really is amazing how Reiki can bring about these emotional states so quickly! By raising our energy, we stand more in alignment with our true self and in our highest vibration possible. We feel more grateful for everything we already have in our life, rather than worrying about what we don’t have.

Book in for a Reiki healing

If you are experiencing feelings of being down, or in a low mood, book in for a Reiki healing here! Reiki raises your vibration and releases those negative emotions.  You are then more able to step into your power and feel stronger, more confident, and more positive about yourself.

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