Reiki releases energy blockages

By Casey Cheah, 29 October 2021

Reiki releases energy blockages

Reiki releases energy blockages to help restore balance and harmony in your mind and body once more.

What are energy blockages?

Our thoughts, emotions and physical body are all made up of energy. When our energy is vibrating at a high frequency, we feel positive, light, clear headed, and energised! We feel like we are ‘in flow’ or ‘in alignment’, like we are moving through life with ease.

However, sometimes through life experiences, our energy becomes depleted. When that happens, we feel tired and stuck, and we might experience brain fog, anxiety, overwhelm and stress. We might also have physical pain or illness, or mental health problems. Although our energy never technically becomes ‘blocked’, it can start vibrating at a lower frequency, causing us to feel like we are blocked.

How does Reiki release these ‘blockages’?

Reiki is Japanese for spiritual or universal life force energy. It can help in two major ways. Firstly, it helps to charge us up, almost like plugging in your mobile phone to charge! By connecting to Reiki, universal life force energy starts to flow through the practitioner to the client, and the client begins to charge up. Secondly, Reiki can release energy or emotional ‘blockages’ by flushing out the emotions that might be stuck or currently residing in your body. This means that during or after a session, it can be quite common for the client to feel emotional or tired, as their body is releasing and rebalancing.

What happens after a Reiki healing?

Some people notice a shift in their mindset and energy straight away, and for others it may take a few days. Typically Reiki takes at least 2-3 days to fully process through your body, but it can take up to a week. This is why I usually recommend having Reiki sessions at least a week apart, to allow for this processing time. After a Reiki treatment, clients often feel happier and in a more positive mood! They feel more calm and grounded, and more clear in the mind. Often clients sleep better, have reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, reduced physical pain, and feel overall lighter and more wholesome.

Every Reiki treatment is different

Everyone is different, and even the same client can have different experiences session to session. A Reiki healing always meets the clients greatest need at the time, so sometimes a client will come in expecting Reiki to clear one thing, but find it actually clears something else. It is best to come into a Reiki treatment with an open mind and heart, and allow Reiki to work its magic freely! You’ll be amazed what can happen during and after a Reiki session.

Book in for a Reiki healing session in Melbourne

If you would like to try a Reiki healing treatment, book in here. Make sure you drink plenty of water beforehand (energy travels through water, so ensuring you’re well hydrated can assist with the Reiki healing). Wear something comfortable that you can lie down in. It is also best to have some time afterwards to rest if possible, rather than rushing off to another appointment. You might feel a little tired and emotional, and be glad of the space to process!

If you have any further questions about Reiki healing or a Reiki treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact me here. I look forward to hearing from you!

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