Reiki + Coaching – KIDS / TEENS

Reiki + Coaching KIDS & TEENS

Is your child or teen suffering from anxiety, stress or overwhelm? Or perhaps going through some challenges at school or at home? This is the perfect session for them!

This is an In-Person Reiki and coaching session tailored specifically to KIDS & TEENS, only offered by Casey. It will begin with a short discussion with your child to understand their thoughts and feelings, and any struggles they might be going through.

They will then experience a full Reiki healing. They will lie on the Reiki table fully clothed, with a blanket and eye mask over their eyes. Casey will then channel Reiki energy to them, and they may feel her hands resting on or just above their body.

During the Reiki treatment, Casey may also channel or intuit information, which she will share with your child afterwards.

We are also now using an InfraBed crystal thermal energy bed. This is an infrared bed, heated roughly to 40deg, slightly warmer than body temperature. The best part is that this bed is filled with first quality amethyst crystals! Crystals amplify energy, and so this bed is not only healing and relaxing, but the amethyst crystals help to amplify your Reiki healing to the next level. This bed is fantastic for kids especially who are experiencing ADHD, OCD, hyperactivity or anxiety.

As a special extra, we are also offering a take-home CRYSTAL CHAKRA SET as a bonus in your child’s Initial Session. Casey will use this 7-piece crystal set during the Reiki session, and they will get to take this home with them at the end of the session. They can bring it back in for any follow up Reiki healings too.

Afterwards, we will debrief about their experience. They will get the chance to share what they felt, and Casey will give them insight into what came through both physically and intuitively during their Reiki session.

ADULTS may wait in the waiting room.

Please note: if you prefer not to have the infrared bed on, simply ask Casey to turn it off at the start of your session.

Where are you located?

Melbourne Reiki & Wellness is located in Caulfield South. We’re also close to the following south-east suburbs of Melbourne:

  • Caulfield
  • Elwood
  • Elsternwick
  • Ripponlea
  • St Kilda
  • St Kilda East
  • Brighton
  • Balaclava
  • South Melbourne
  • Middle Park
  • Prahran

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If you are interested in booking in for a Reiki + Coach KIDS / TEENS session, make an appointment here. If you have any questions, please contact us here.


Please see below for all prices and packages for Reiki + Coaching KIDS / TEENS:


Reiki + Coach: KIDS / TEENS

Starter Pack!

Initial 60 minute session PLUS 2x 60 minute follow up sessions. Includes Chakra Crystal Set.
(6 month expiry)


Initial Session

(60 minutes)
Perfect if you’ve never been to Melbourne Reiki & Wellness before.


Follow Up - Single

(60 minutes)
Single session including both coaching & Reiki healing.


Follow Up 3-Pack

3x 60 minute follow ups, including both Reiki & coaching.
(6 month expiry)


($145 per session)

Follow Up 5-Pack

5x 60 minute follow ups, including both Reiki & coaching.
(12 month expiry)


($135 per session)