Reiki Healing – Distant

Reiki Healing – Distant

First, we will connect via teleconference for a coaching session about how you’re feeling, and uncover any blockages that are holding you back. Then, you will experience a beautiful distant Reiki healing. You will lie down comfortably on your couch or bed, and relax while Reiki energy is channelled to you via Distant Reiki healing.

Afterwards, we will reconnect online to discuss how you felt during the distant Reiki treatment, and I will share insights and guidance on how to continue your healing journey.

Preparing for a Distant Reiki Healing Session

To prepare for your distant Reiki healing session, you will need a comfortable place to lie down, and a space where you can talk freely. To make the most of distant Reiki, make sure you won’t be interrupted by other family members, or your pets! It can also be helpful to have time to rest and reflect after your Reiki distant healing session too.

Why Distant Reiki Healing?

Distant Reiki treatments are perfect if you live far away, if you’re sick or injured, or if you cannot travel. They are also great if you are in quarantine! Some people prefer Distant Reiki healing sessions as they may be more convenient, and you can rest easily without battling traffic after your session.

Distance Reiki sessions are via virtual teleconference. If this is not possible, we can also hold Distant Reiki Healing sessions over the phone.

How Does Distance Reiki Work?

Everything is energy, and energy is not bound by time or space. Practitioners do not need to be physically touching a client in order to connect with them, and energy can be channelled to anyone, anywhere. Reiki healers can connect with their clients through intention, through sacred symbols and through Reiki energy itself. Distant Reiki works the same as Reiki In-Person, and clients may still feel the same heat, tingles, pulses of energy, and other sensations.

Does Distant Reiki really work?

It can be difficult to understand how Distant Reiki really works, as energy is not tangible and cannot be seen. However, once you experience the benefits and magic of Distant Reiki, you will find that physical sensations can indeed be felt in a Distant Reiki healing. Clients report feeling tingling sensations, heat, twitches, stomach rumbling, and feelings of energy moving. After a Distant Reiki treatment, clients have felt more calm and at ease, with a clearer mind, more energy, and better quality sleep.

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