The Reiki Principles

By Casey Cheah, 19 January 2019

The Reiki Principles

There are 5 Reiki Principles that can assist us to live happier, more joyful and loving lives. They were developed by Mikao Usui, founder of the Reiki system.

Reiki Principle 1: Just for today, be grateful.

Thank the Universe for everything it has provided for you. If we can stop for a moment to acknowledge what we already have, rather than constantly focusing on what we lack, we might realise there are many things in our lives that we can be thankful for. This has the power to change our perspective, and holds the key to healing our mind and body. Today, try acknowledging 3 things you feel grateful for each day, and notice how your gratitude practice shifts your mindset.

Reiki Principle 2: Just for today, let go of worry.

Worrying about the future only causes stress in the current moment, and worrying about the past is futile as there is nothing we can do to change what has been. Instead, take a few moments to breathe deeply into your body, and just for today let go of worry. Rather than focusing on the past or the future, bring yourself into the present moment by focusing on your breath.

Reiki Principle 3: Just for today, let go of anger.

Anger can arise due to a feeling of not having control over a particular situation, or something not going the way we wanted or expected. We only have the power to control ourselves, our thoughts and our behaviours. Things or people that trigger anger in us give us the opportunity to practice patience, and learn understanding and tolerance. Our anger is our own emotion, and often has nothing to do with the person or the event that has triggered this emotion. Holding onto anger can be harmful to our body and mind, so just for today notice the triggers, take a moment to breath, and let it go.

Reiki Principle 4: Just for today, work honestly.

Remind yourself to communicate and work with others and yourself honestly and with integrity. When we are not true to ourselves, we create inner conflict and turmoil, so just for today, be authentic to yourself, and notice how you feel. If we are indecisive about something, calm your mind and body by taking some moments to breathe gently, then allow your inner wisdom and intuition to guide you.

Reiki Principle 5: Just for today, be kind.

Kindness is treating others as you would like to be treated. Show compassion and understanding towards others, but also towards yourself. Just for today, notice your inner thought patterns. Catch any negative thoughts and self talk, and be kind to yourself. Keep your mind open as we can never fully understand someone else’s situation or experience. Moreover, we all possess different ideas and beliefs, so just for today show kindness, compassion and understanding.

These Reiki principles take practice and are often a work in progress. Try picking one Reiki principle to practice each day, and notice how it has the power to change your outlook on the day. Be gentle with yourself and this will make it easier to connect to each principle.

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