The world is a mirror

By Casey Cheah, 2 December 2019

The world is a mirror

The world is a mirror, and is always reflecting our inner state of being. It’s our external world that can give us insight into our mindset, beliefs and feelings. Wherever you go, you see a reflection of some part of yourself.

The world is a mirror

Sometimes when we experience a problematic situation or difficulties with someone, it can help to take some time out to go within. Often it’s easy to blame the other person, or the situation that we’re in. However, the world is our mirror! We just don’t tend to spend a lot of time reflecting on how the situation or person is reflecting some quality, attribute or emotion back at us.

Many years ago I was having trouble with a friend of mine. I found this person to be quick to judge and was always criticising. But when I took a step back and went within, I discovered that I also hold these attributes at times. It can be humbling to see yourself being reflected back, because what we see in others, we also hold within ourselves.

Confirmation bias

We can understand this mirroring idea in a couple of ways. In psychology, there is something called a ‘confirmation bias’. We all hold certain beliefs and ideas (mostly learnt or developed at a young age). Since we all have limited attention and can only hold so much in our minds at any one time, we seek to prove or confirm what we ‘know’ to be true.

For example, if we believe people are generally friendly, we will remember all the friendly encounters we had that day. But if we believe that people are rude and annoying, then we will remember all the times that people have been rude and annoying! We will delete the other encounters we have had in our minds, so that those particular rude and annoying people stand out. That way we confirm to ourselves that our belief is true. In other words, whatever you think will be reflected back at you in your experience of the world.

All things are energy

From an energetic perspective, we know that all things, including people, are energy. All matter is made up of atoms, and atoms are energy, which can vibrate at different frequencies. It’s been shown that positive and loving words and emotions vibrate at a higher frequency. In addition, negative words and emotions also vibrate at a lower frequency. Whatever frequency we are vibrating at is what we will attract more of into our lives.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. if you’re in a negative headspace, thinking lots of negative thoughts and feeling stressed, that’s where your focus and energy will go. You will then attract more of that into your experience. However the reverse is also true! If you are feeling grateful and loving and open, you will lift your vibration and attract more of those experiences into your life.

Life can be a challenge!

There was a time awhile ago where I went through a really challenging time. I was experiencing grief, stress, frustration and anger. My inner world was in serious struggle town and my outer world reflected that back to me. I had drifted way off my path, and was way out of alignment. Of course it was no wonder I felt dreadful! It took a lot of deep inner work for me to realign back with my purpose and my higher self. Now I’m doing what I love, and I am so grateful to have gone through that experience as I learnt a lot about myself along the way.

The world is a mirror and gives us insight

When we start noticing the world around us, we can gain valuable insight into the state of our mind and emotions. Often we’re not aware of our thoughts, or we try to push our feelings away. It can be helpful to not just be aware of your emotions, but also what you’re noticing in your external world. The world is a mirror, and life is always giving us feedback. If we are not in alignment with our higher self or our purpose, we will start to struggle. That’s a sign that our thoughts and internal state need to shift.

Reiki is a powerful tool

Reiki was the most powerful tool that I used to shift out of my darkness and back into true alignment. It reminded me of who I was at my heart and core, and re-connected me with my purpose. Reiki has given me the internal strength to overcome some of my biggest challenges, and I am so grateful to Reiki.

If you are struggling with work, family, relationships or anything else in life, and would like to find out more about how Reiki can help, contact me here. Or if you would like to book in for a Reiki healing, click here.

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