What is my purpose?

By Casey Cheah, 6 October 2021

What is my purpose?

What is my purpose? I have many clients coming to see me feeling stuck in life, and wondering what their purpose is. It’s a common situation as life is so changeable! Whether these crossroads or big life questions come about due to some major change, or a slow slide downhill, it is different for everyone.

Do you know your purpose?

When I ask clients what they think is their purpose, I often get blank looks! Sometimes people will ramble on, getting lost on a tangent, and having no clarity. For others, they think they know their purpose, until something happens or changes, and then they don’t.

Being my most authentic self

For me, purpose is about being my most authentic self in life, whatever I choose to do. I am a strong believer in that we need people to do and be different to each other! We need all different jobs such as accountants, cleaners, entrepreneurs, baristas. We need all different characteristics; the go-getters, the carers, the teachers, the parents, the high flyers. We need all sorts. And it honestly doesn’t matter what you do. Your purpose is bigger than your job. It doesn’t even matter what qualities you possess! Your purpose is bigger that your personality traits.

So what is purpose?

In my opinion, to live with purpose is to live with intention, and to be your most authentic self. To be true to your higher self, to speak authentically, to carry yourself in a way that feels right for you. Living with purpose is to be the most self-aware, mindful and conscious you can be. It’s to listen closely to your intuition, for that will guide you in the direction of your life (which will be different for everyone!).

How can Reiki help me find purpose?

The practice of Reiki is to channel life force energy through the Reiki practitioner to the client, so as to assist the client’s energy to come back into balance. Once someone is in harmony once more, they can more easily tap into their intuition and higher self. They can listen more closely with awareness to their thoughts and emotions. They can move their body in ways that are more aligned to them. And best of all, they can let go of the need to please others, and be their most authentic self.

People pleasing takes us out of authenticity

The need to please comes from fear – fear of not being good enough, not fitting in or belonging, or not being loved. People pleasers often overcompensate by putting others’ needs first, at the expense of their own. The problem? Their people pleasing behaviours come from fear rather than love. When someone is being true and authentic to themselves, they are highly attuned to their intuition and energy. They also have the confidence and capability to communicate their boundaries with love.

Living with love

Living with purpose can then be akin to living with love (rather than fear). And when we live from the heart-space, there is no need to overcompensate. You are honouring and respecting your own energy and needs first, so that you have enough energy and love to share with others. And by being your true self, you then allow others to do the same. There is no greater gift than giving others the space, judgement-free, to be truly themselves.

Fill up your own cup first

There are no gold stars for draining your energy by giving, giving, giving, and having nothing left to give to yourself. A mindset shift is required to listen closely to your own needs first, fill up your cup, so that you create an overflow of energy and love to share with others. They will also get the best of you, rather than the dregs of your energy too!

Book in for Coaching or a Reiki treatment

If people pleasing is something that resonates with you, book in for a Coaching session. If you are feeling stuck, or fed up with your current state of living, book in for a Coaching session. Want to ‘find your purpose’? Book in for a Coaching or Reiki healing here. I look forward to working with you!

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