What is Reiki and can it help me?

By Casey Cheah, 5 September 2019

What is Reiki and can it help me?

Energy healing is slowly becoming more and more popular as an alternative healing therapy, but there are still many people who are not quite sure what Reiki exactly is. Let me explain!

What is Reiki?

Reiki Healing is a Japanese energy healing system where the practitioner channels energy to you, to assist your body to heal. In Japanese, ‘Rei’ refers to a higher intelligence and ‘Ki’ is universal energy’. Universal life force energy flows through our bodies and can sometimes become blocked, or out of balance. Reiki Healing can assist to bring you back into balance, in a non-invasive and deeply relaxing way.

What to expect in a treatment

Reiki can be used on its own, or as a complementary healing therapy. In my Reiki and Intuitive healing sessions, we will start by having an initial discussion. We will talk through any issues you are currently experiencing in your life and uncover any limiting beliefs or values. I will generally use a variety of tools including life coaching, meditation and breath work, depending on your individual situation.

The session will then continue with a full Reiki healing and chakra balance, and include the use of crystals. You will lie down fully clothed on a massage table, and I will cover you with a blanket and eye mask. I will then place crystals on or around your major chakra points. Crystals amplify energy. I use 7 crystals across each of the 7 major chakras from the crown to the base of your spine. You can then take these crystals home with you afterwards. Throughout the session I will place my hands on or over your body, and channel energy to you.

At the end of the session we will have a debrief in which you can share what you felt through the treatment. I will also give you insight into what came through in your healing, and where to go from there.

Benefits of Reiki

Many people have experienced amazing benefits from energy healing. This could include more balance and harmony, release of stress and tension, and dissolving energy blockages to reduce or relieve pain. Clients also experience a clearer mind and more focus, better quality sleep, and reduced anxiety and depression. Reiki healing is also especially great for energy clearing (especially for energy workers, teachers, doctors, nurses, and counsellors and psychologists). Reiki healing can accelerate the body’s overall healing capacity and make a huge positive difference to your overall wellbeing.

If you are interested in learning more about Reiki and what it can do to help you heal, please contact me here. You can also book a Reiki and Intuitive healing here.

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