What to expect in a Reiki treatment

By Casey Cheah, 13 February 2019

What to expect in a Reiki treatment

You’ve heard so many amazing things about Reiki, but still unsure what to expect in a Reiki treatment? I know Reiki can be a little difficult to wrap your head around if you haven’t experienced it before. It is not exactly tangible; you can’t touch it. But I can assure you, Reiki is very powerful and you can most definitely feel it. I have listed some tips for you to help you feel comfortable when booking your first treatment.

#1: Make sure you have some time to rest afterwards.

Often you will feel very relaxed, and perhaps a little tired after a Reiki treatment. It is a good idea to go home to rest afterwards, even for an hour or two before embarking on the rest of your day.

#2: Wear clothes that you can lie down in comfortably.

During your treatment you will be fully clothed. Clothes such as tracksuit pants and a loose, comfortable top will ensure you can fully relax and enjoy your first Reiki treatment. You will be lying down on a massage table, so wearing something that you can climb up and get down from the table would be best. It is also best to avoid belts or jewellery for the duration of your Reiki healing session.

#3: Drink plenty of water before and after your session.

Drinking water to ensure you stay hydrated is important in any energy healing, including Reiki. Your body’s energy is shifting and rebalancing throughout the session, and your body will require water to replenish.

#4: Reiki will always give you what you need, not necessarily what you want.

Reiki is a powerful energetic healing force. It will always give you what you need on an energetic level, rather than what you think you need in your mind. It has the capability to heal you on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It’s best to show up to your first Reiki session with an open mind, ready to receive the healing power of Reiki. What you expect in a Reiki treatment isn’t always what you will necessarily feel afterwards.

After your first Reiki session, you may experience some big shifts in your energy. You might feel light and free, or you might feel emotional and in need of a big cry! Everyone is different, and every time you have a Reiki healing your experience may vary depending on the state of your mind and body that day. Your Reiki practitioner will talk with you at the start and address any concerns or questions you have. Afterwards you will be able to discuss any shifts or changes you might be feeling, and how you felt during your Reiki treatment.

If you have any questions contact me here, or book in for an appointment here.

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