Reiki and Spirituality

21 January 2021 | Reiki

Clients often ask me about Reiki and spirituality. Is Reiki a spiritual practice? Do I need to be spiritual to […]

Happy New Year 2021!

11 January 2021 | Coaching, Reiki

Happy New Year 2021! Just like flowers bloom and wither, life is full of ebbs and flows. It’s not linear, […]

Reiki helps with stress

15 September 2020 | Coaching, Reiki

The feeling of stress is a common one for many of us. Whether it be deadlines at work, family pressure, […]

What is Reiki and how does it work as a complementary therapy?

9 September 2020 | Media

In September 2020, Casey Cheah from Melbourne Reiki & Wellness was interviewed for ‘She Defined’ on the benefits of Reiki […]

To meditate or not to meditate

8 September 2020 | Reiki

To meditate or not to meditate? That is the question! In a time of increased stress and anxiety, meditation can […]

5 tips to beat anxiety

2 September 2020 | Reiki

Do you feel like sometimes your chest is closing in on you? Do you get a knot in your stomach, […]

Beat lockdown fatigue

25 August 2020 | Reiki, Yoga

We are all feeling the effects of this extended lockdown, and freedom can seem a long way away! People are starting […]

Soul Seed Media – Online Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes, courses & retreats in Australia

17 August 2020 | Media

In August 2020, Melbourne Reiki & Wellness was featured in Soul Seed Media in an article for Online Yoga, Pilates […]

Melbourne Reiki and Wellness

| Reiki

Have you been thinking about trying Reiki, but not sure where to begin? Wondering what the difference is between one […]

Reiki out of the funk

5 August 2020 | Reiki

Reiki your way out of the funk! Boost your energy, clear brain fog and build your inner strength. Reiki can […]

Your emotions are valid

27 July 2020 | Reiki

Are you struggling mentally or emotionally right now, but find it hard to open up to your friends and family? […]

Benefits of Distant Reiki

14 July 2020 | Reiki

Melbournians have spent so much time in lockdown lately, and here we are again in lockdown 2.0! Unfortunately these restrictions […]

Reiki for relationships

30 June 2020 | Reiki

Can Reiki be used for relationships? So many of my clients come to see me for stress and tension. They […]

Reiki brings you into balance

21 June 2020 | Reiki

Are you feeling out of balance? Is your mind foggy and scattered, and can’t focus? Don’t feel like yourself and […]

Energy healing explained!

11 June 2020 | Reiki, Uncategorised

Energy healing explained! Have you ever wondered how energy healing actually works? How DOES energy healing work? Perhaps you’ve had […]