Ride your own ride

6 April 2020 | Reiki

Ride your own ride. A little fun fact about me! I ride a motorbike, and have been riding now for […]

Does Distant Reiki really work?

23 March 2020 | Reiki

Lately I’ve been offering more Distant Reiki healing due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. It is inappropriate to see people […]

How are you feeling?

18 March 2020 | Coaching

How are you feeling? This question can make the world of difference to someone, including me! This morning a friend […]

Reiki and COVID 19

14 March 2020 | Reiki, Yoga

Reiki and COVID. Lately in my yoga classes and in the community, there has been a lot of talk about […]

Reiki heals imbalances

5 March 2020 | Reiki

Reiki heals your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual imbalances, and is a holistic and spiritual practice: ‘I have been coming to Casey […]

Reiki and relationships

28 February 2020 | Coaching, Reiki

Do Reiki and relationships go together? So many of my Reiki clients are coming to me for Reiki healing to […]

Everything is a process

21 February 2020 | Coaching, Reiki

Everything is a process! I decided at the start of the year that I was going to do things that […]

Is busy a good thing?

13 February 2020 | Coaching

‘‘Crazy-busy’ is a great armour; it’s a great way for numbing. What a lot of us do is that we […]

Owning your emotions

6 February 2020 | Coaching

Owning our emotions is taking full responsibility for how we feel. In our everyday life, it’s so easy to blame […]

Self awareness is key

30 January 2020 | Coaching, Reiki

Self awareness is key. Eckhart Tolle said ‘rather than being your thoughts and feelings, be the awareness behind them’. The […]

Emotional triggers

16 January 2020 | Coaching, Reiki

Emotional triggers can be key to our spiritual growth. I remember years ago I was chatting to a yoga student after […]

Happy new year!

9 January 2020 | Coaching

Happy New Year everyone! It’s the start of a brand new year and a brand new decade. This is the […]

The world is a mirror

2 December 2019 | Coaching, Reiki

The world is a mirror, and is always reflecting our inner state of being. It’s our external world that can […]

Mindfulness and Reiki

25 November 2019 | Coaching, Reiki

Mindfulness and Reiki are key to conscious awareness and self-empowerment. Mindfulness is the art of becoming more aware of your […]

Reiki to find inner peace

20 November 2019 | Reiki

Reiki can help you to find inner peace. Many of my Reiki clients who come to see me are struggling with […]